Ceramic Art Barbara Sørensen

Ceramic for house and garden


More information and pictures: www.kunstkeramik-soerensen.de

2008 - Art meets cabbage, D-Münster (GE)
2005 - 3M Germany, D-Neuss (SE)
2004 - Labour Court of North Rhine-Westphalia, D-Hamm (SE)
2003 - Bavaria National Museum for Ceramic, Obernzell/Passau (SE)
2002 - Natural garden Dorotheenhof, D-Friedland-Mollenfelde (SE)
SE = Single Exhibition, GE = Group Exhibition


Ceramics of Barbara Sørensen consist mostly of balls, tubes, right parallelepipeds and cubes. With each of her creative works the artist manages to connect these clear forms to a whole - exceeding over pure geometry. Also the consciously achieved play of color and light gives a special attraction to the works of Barbara Sørensen.

Glazes, forms and light organization bind the viewer and let many objects literally lead a double life. At day ceramic fascinate by facet-rich surfaces, in darkness they enchant with fantastic light effects and tempt the viewer by varied light plays to dreaming and pausing.